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Dear FIVE:AD Customers and Supporters:

Recently, we made the decision to place the FIVE:AD Product Lines on hiatus. We have currently stopped manufacturing and selling both the FIVE:AD Wheel and Aero Kit Lines. All remaining wheels are currently on final clearance through our approved retail partner E-Autosports.com. We have completely sold all our Aero Kits and only have a few remaining painted FR-S Spoilers currently being sold at a substantial discount. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

It has been brought to our attention that there are copies of our Aero Kits as well as unauthorized copies of our Installation Instructions and hardware being sold and distributed. The best way to discern if you have the genuine product is to look for the FIVE:AD logo stamped inside each part. Also, the parts should be an off-white color and manufactured from high grade flexible urethane.

All genuine FIVE:AD Installation Instructions have the FIVE:AD mark on each page. Most importantly, if the hardware and tape pictured in the Installation Instructions, which should consist of custom cut 3M Die Cut Tape pieces for the Rear Spoiler, Side Skirts and Rear Spats, do not match the actual tape or hardware provided, it is NOT an authorized FIVE:AD Installation Instruction or Hardware Kit. Finally, all genuine FIVE:AD Aero Kits also come with adhesive backed square “5” logo’d badges for the Side Skirts.

We appreciate you continuing to support the FIVE:AD brand by demanding only genuine products. If you have any questions regarding our lines, please feel free to use the contact form below.

Thank you very much for years of support! We could not have succeeded and grown without all of you!


The FIVE:AD Team

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